Who is Ricky Fisher?

With 20 years of experience in education and training, I’m always seeking to elevate the learning experience. I succeed when others succeed and enjoy seeing people at their peak performance, or at least helping them get one step closer - and if we can have a little fun along the way, even better!

Things that inspire me: my daughter, a sense of belonging, powerful storytelling, puzzles and games, experiencing new people and places, learning something new

What does my work look like?

eLearning Courses

Instructor Led Trainings

Learning Materials

What is working with me like?

Ricky is an incredible learning professional who excels at making complicated tasks simple. He advocates for users and is dedicated to exceeding deadlines and expectations. Serving as my consulting firm's program manager, he blended his role of a task master and designer to support multiple clients' projects. He was instrumental in the scaling and sustainability of my business by allowing me to pursue new business and providing the project management support. Ricky is someone I'd be delighted to work with again in the future.

Cara North - Founder and CEO
The Learning Camel

Ricky consistently demonstrated exemplary skills in flexibility, leadership, and collaborative work. Ricky's flexibility shines through his ability to adapt to changing project needs and timelines without compromising quality

Barb Breitsch - Instructional Design Team Manager
Optum Health, Home Based Medical Care

Ricky was truly a delight. His attention to detail and superb communication skills set him apart. He excels in his field and is a true master in his craft.

Chuck Miller - Instructional Design Team Lead
Southwest Airlines

How can you contact me?